CASSANDRA SOLARA believes it’s her fault her mother is dead. That’s because she violated the most dogmatic of all vampire hunter laws when she denied her messianic calling and exchanged blood with RUBIUS, the immortal heir to the vampire throne. Never mind that she and Rubius were only twelve years old when it happened.

When Rubius locates her in Hawaii a decade later, Cassandra struggles to reconcile her guilt and her life as a hunter with her desire for peace and her growing love for the persistent young prince. However, in her efforts to deal with the violent rivalry between Rubius and her father’s acolyte, AITO NAKAMURA, Cassandra is reminded that she is the hunters’ holy weapon in the ancient struggle between Order and Chaos. Their machinations pit her against Rubius, and it is up to Cassandra to free both him and herself from the Hunters’ grand design—or die trying.